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We have since the early 90s developed and manufactured ergonomic workstations and equipment for a better working environment. Our customers are accustomed to high standards and to have their expectations met. The equipment we supply is standardized, but often we adapt it to the customer's specific needs. As we see it, good ergonomics must be about adapting the equipment, rather than your backbones!

With our tables and equipment we appeal to selective customers in manufacturing, maintenance, lab and the museum markets. We develop, manufacture, assemble and document our products in-house. Therefore, we can ensure all steps of the process, and nothing is left to chance. This is our promise to your backbone - your staff.

 Abraflex starts production and sales of carts for medical use. These carts have been produced for years by Aluflex Helsingborg, but now it’s all handled by us in Linköping.
 Abraflex launches a new mounting bracket for the Filtronic MG-series soldering fumes purification unit. Since our table has built-in wheels, it makes good sense that the filter unit is hung on the back of the table to go with it when the table is moved.
 The staff at Abraflex have completed training under the new rules for forklift driving, TLP2. The training was carried out by Ekmans in Linköping and it has been smooth. We appreciate the well-conducted training and are now driving the forklift a bit safer.
 Abraflex delivers semi-mobile fixture to Saab Aerostructures in Linköping. The fixture is made for aeroplane components in composite. The development has been made in collaboration with the customer and the fixture is built in ITEM's profile system.

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